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Protect & Preserve Tire Tread

A tire’s tread refers to the grooved rubber that surrounds the tire’s exterior. Its purpose is twofold—to displace water when driving on wet roads and to increase traction on loose surfaces. More specifically, the tread’s deep grooves create a path for water and debris to move away from the front of the tire so that rubber is always in direct contact with the road’s surface. Worn tires have a shallower tread depth and can therefore no longer effectively displace water. Consequently, when the tire comes in contact with a wet surface, it will be riding on a thin layer of water and not the road. This can cause hydroplaning which is dangerous and can result in the driver losing control of the vehicle. At Spillman Service, we recommend that you have your tires checked regularly and that they be replaced at the first sign of tread wear. To have your tires checked today, come by our service and repair center located in Grain Valley, MO. Spillman Service’s technicians are here to make sure your car’s tires are gliding and not sliding!

Tire Cupping & Tire Separation

Not all tire wear is caused by a defect in the tires themselves. There are several other components of the vehicle that, when faulty, can result in premature tire damage. In particular, bent or worn suspension parts can cause tire cupping; a condition that looks like scalloped dips around the edges of the tread. Any worn component that connects the wheel to the body of the car–including bushings, shock absorbers, ball joints, and wheel bearings—could be the source of this issue. To fix the problem, all worn components must be replaced, and the tire should be balanced or moved to a different area of the vehicle. If you notice any cupping on your tires, bring your car in immediately before the tire becomes too worn. Spillman Service is located in Grain Valley, MO. Our technicians are ready to put their years of expertise and training to work on your suspension!

Stop By Today For the Best Quality Tires

We have a wide variety of tire brands available, whether you’re looking for top-of-the-line performance or budget-friendly dependability. No matter your desires, we are certain to have the perfect set of tires for you. Our technicians are ready to get your tires rolling smoothly, so call our facility at 816-625-1232 to find out exactly what we have for your vehicle. We also encourage you to make an appointment by using our convenient online scheduling system. Or you can feel free to just stop by our service center, located at 1225 NW Eagle Ridge Blvd., Grain Valley, MO. When the time comes to buy new tires, look no further than Spillman Service. Just call us and ask!