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Full-Service Diesel & Auto Repair Facility

You finally have a full-service auto repair facility that handles your specific needs. Spillman Service in Grain Valley, MO has been at for decades. RV owners, diesel drivers, and all makes and models of passenger vehicles have been coming to us for top-notch services. RVs have specialized needs that require special attention from a specialist–that’s our team at Spillman Service. Diesel trucks, cars, and SUVs need the service expertise of our ASE Certified technicians. We design a service plan that keeps you ahead of any costly repairs and breakdowns. Diesels may not require as many service intervals as a standard gasoline-powered engine but they definitely need to be serviced on time. Repairs and replacement parts for your diesel may be more time-consuming and more expensive. Let us know your expectations and your driving habits, and we’ll show you the best maintenance plan to accomplish all your goals. Preventative maintenance is key for any vehicle’s peak performance, and that holds especially true for your RV.

RV Coach, Trailer, Chassis & Generator Services

We’re your RV Coach and RV trailer service experts. Whatever trips you’ve envisioned for your RV, we’ll show you how to make them as safe as possible. The goal is always for you, your family, and your vehicle to return home in one piece. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians will keep your RV in tip-top shape. We perform coach RV, trailer RV, generator, and tire services to keep you in optimal condition. You want your RV to be your home away from home, and we know how to make sure that’s just what it is. Whether your family’s traveling in an RV coach or an RV trailer, we have the extensive training with all varieties of RV and travel trailers, including complete chassis service and generator service. We’ll make sure your RV is traveling as smoothly and safely as possible, with full power from the generator. Keeping the generator fully-functional is almost as important as keeping the RV gassed up. To get extended enjoyment out of your travel luxuries, you’ll need a generator that’s been fully inspected and serviced.

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RV tire maintenance is just as important as race car tire maintenance. They both suffer wear-and-tear, and need constant attention to make sure they have sufficient tread. RV Tire service is even more critical because the passengers on your RV are probably your entire family. Tire tread may get overlooked when preparing for a road trip. Spillman Service techs are able to inspect and replace your tires that have worn too low for safe travel. Our shop is also able to perform effective fleet services for your business or organization. We stand behind all of our auto services with a competitive service guarantee of 12 Month / 12,000 Miles Warranty. Give us a call today at 816-625-1232 to schedule your auto service appointment.