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Our team has extensive experience and knowledge servicing all makes and models of RVs. Whether you’re traveling in an RV coach or RV trailer, our technicians will make sure your vehicle is at peak performance. Spillman Service can prepare you for your next road trip or vacation. Maintenance inspection services should be handled by our ASE Certified technicians. We can diagnose every inch of your RV for proper function of the engine, brakes, wheel alignment, steering, tires, and much more. Safety is the most important part of your RV’s usage. Pay attention to your RV’s warning signs and be proactive. If you feel the brakes are not responding to your foot; or if the transmission is slipping out of gear; or if there is a strange knocking noise coming from under the hood, you should seek our professional help for your RV as soon as possible. Bring your vehicle to our shop for a quick but thorough diagnosis. One thing you can count on at Spillman Service every time is the truth. You’ll know the true condition of your RV before you take it out on the open road.

Chassis and Generator Service & Repair

Your RV’s chassis will determine how safe and comfortable your RV is. Many owners will equip their RVs with a chassis installation that’s an upgrade from the manufacturer’s design. Spillman Service is able to service and repair any chassis upgrades that have been installed onto your RV. Let our technicians have a look under the belly of your RV to fully inspect and diagnose any performance issue. Generators are the power and source of your RV’s comfort. It provides the connection to the comforts of home even though you’re on the road. Hence, the term “motorhome.” Without a fully-functioning generator, you cancel out most of the “home” part. Our RV repair includes service to the generator. We’ll get it fixed and operating at full strength in no time. You can stay road-ready when you visit our expert facility. Let us design a service plan that’s perfectly suited for you. You should schedule an appointment with our techs today if you haven’t had your RV checked out by a professional in a while.

Schedule Your RV Repair Appointment!

Preparing for a road trip is the perfect time to come to Spillman Service so we can give it the full inspection and diagnosis. But that’s not the only time to come. If your RV has been sitting idle for too long, it’s a good idea to bring it to us for a complete inspection. Keeping careful tabs on your RV is always a smart idea. We have experience with your RV and we know what to expect from its performance. When you fail to get consistent preventative maintenance service, you’re doing a lot of “guessing” and “hoping.” We don’t want you to have to be towed into our facility, or for you to be stranded anywhere because you were caught by surprise. Give us a call today at 816-625-1232 to schedule your next RV repair or maintenance appointment.